Model lease paragraph re antennas and satellite dishes

Based on FCC Order 98-273 (Nov. 20, 1998)


Antennas, satellite dishes and the like. You may install an antenna, satellite dish or other device for the reception of video programming services (television) subject to the following rules and regulations:

1. Location. A dish, antenna or other such device may be installed only within the confines of your individual leased premises, including a balcony, balcony railing, patio or yard. No part of the antenna or dish may extend into any common area, including outside walls, outside windowsills, roofs, common area balconies, common area stairwells or common air space, or beyond the balcony railing line or patio line of your individual leased premises. Devices that extend the dish or antenna beyond the leased premises or beyond the balcony railing or patio line may not be used.

2. Installation. Installation should be accomplished by a professional installer. No holes may be drilled in any exterior wall, roof, window, glass, balcony railing, or other part of the leased premises. Attachment to a balcony railing or other part of the leased premises may be accomplished by clamping devices or other method that does not damage the leased premises. The “hook-up” to an inside receiving device may be made by a flat cable under a sliding door, by means of a device on a window that allows a signal to pass through the glass or by other method that does not damage the leased premises. The satellite or antenna system may not be spliced or wired into any existing wires or cables that are a part of the leased premises.

3. Size - satellite dish. No satellite dish may be greater than one meter in diameter.

4. Indemnification and insurance. You understand that you assume total legal responsibility for your use of any such dish, antenna or other device, and to indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all personal or physical damage to property or persons relating to any such dish, antenna or other device. You also agree to keep a policy of liability insurance in the amount of $_____ in effect at all times to protect us from all risk associated with any such dish, antenna or other device. The policy shall be subject to our reasonable approval and shall name us as an additional loss payee.

5. Additional security deposit. You will make an additional security deposit of $_____ in the event you install a dish, antenna or other such device.

Disclaimer: This model paragraph is patterned after FCC Order 98-273 and includes a reasonable interpretation and/or extension of the language of the said order. Interpretation and extension of rules, regulations and laws is subjective and inexact by nature. No assurances can be had that a court would interpret rules, regulations and laws in the same way that we do. In particular, a court could conclude that restrictions requiring insurance or deposits are unreasonable. Further, a court could conclude that a regulation, rule or law is unconstitutional and thereby invalid. The paragraph is general in nature and is not intended to be legal advice. It is intended to assist owners and managers in understanding the subject matter, but it may not apply to the specific fact circumstances or business situations of all owners and managers. For specific advice consult an attorney.



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